.07 General Requirements for Compliance Demonstrations.

A. To demonstrate that a premises discharging a Class I TAP is in compliance with Regulation .06 of this chapter, a person shall demonstrate that allowable emissions will not unreasonably endanger human health both because of potential carcinogenic effects and because of other potential toxic effects. Demonstrations for Class II TAPs are required only for potential toxic effects other than cancer.

B. To demonstrate compliance with Regulation .06 of this chapter a person may:

(1) Use a screening analysis or second tier analysis, as explained in COMAR and B;

(2) Request a special permit under COMAR; or

(3) Use other options provided by law.

C. A person may request approval of an interim special screening level, interim acceptable ambient level, or interim insignificant risk concentration as provided in COMAR in order to use the interim level in place of a special screening level, AAL, or IRC to demonstrate compliance with Regulation .06 of this chapter.