.20 Requirements for Garages, Service Stations, Marinas, and Similar Oil-Handling Facilities.

A. Storage systems shall be installed and operated in accordance with the requirements of this subtitle.

B. The oil distribution company shall be responsible for monitoring inventory control of the storage system when the facility operates under the meter marketing plan.

C. All sewers and drains serving these facilities, and receiving oil-bearing wastes or wastewaters from operations at these facilities, shall be provided with adequate and properly maintained oil separating systems.

D. The ultimate disposal of used oil shall be undertaken in a manner that will prevent water pollution, such as salvaging or sale to a salvage company, or use as fuel, or other methods in accordance with State, federal, and local codes.

E. Marina fuel delivery nozzles shall be equipped with a self-closing valve that will shut off the flow of fuel when the hand is removed from the nozzle. Hold open devices may not be used on these nozzles.

F. Each pipeline conveying oil to a wharf, pier, or dock shall be provided with a readily accessible block valve, located on shore, near the approach to the wharf, pier, or dock, and outside any diked area. Valves shall be grouped at one location.