.16 Requirements for Oil Delivery by Truck Tank or by Transport.

A. Transfer hose and fittings shall be of a grade suitable for the type of oil product transferred and for the type of delivery.

B. Transfer hoses shall be designed to withstand pressure of the shut-off head of the cargo pump or pump relief valve setting.

C. Any vehicle used in the transport or transfer of oil shall be in compliance with COMAR 11.16.01 and COMAR 11.21.01 and NFPA Standard 385, "Standard for Tank Vehicles for Flammable and Combustible Liquids 2000 Edition", which is incorporated by reference.

D. The company holding a valid Oil Operations Permit for delivery by truck tank or by transport shall:

(1) Perform a driver's safety training program that instructs its drivers on spill reporting and containment;

(2) Give the training to each driver on an annual basis; and

(3) Maintain records demonstrating compliance with this subtitle.