.11 Conditions for Issuance of a Permit (Not Applicable to General Oil Operations Permit).

A. After reviewing the oil handling procedures and practices involved and inspecting the facility, if necessary, the Administration shall issue the permit if it determines that the:

(1) Requirements of this chapter can be met;

(2) Facility is properly and adequately equipped to prevent oil pollution and control oil spills; and

(3) Person in charge of the facility has the capability to handle the oil in accordance with the requirements of this chapter.

B. A permit issued by the Administration shall be effective for a period of 5 years unless it is surrendered, suspended, revoked, otherwise terminated, or unless issued by the Administration, for reasons stated, for a shorter period of time.

C. The permittee shall agree to make:

(1) Facilities available for reasonable inspection by the Administration; and

(2) All records relative to these regulations and the Environment Article pertaining to the facility or operation of the facility available for reasonable inspection by the Administration.