.10 Requirements for Application for an Oil Operations Permit (Not Applicable to General Oil Operations Permit).

A. The person in charge of each facility shall submit a written application for a permit, accompanied by a copy of the facility's comprehensive contingency plan, including a containment and clean-up plan.

B. The plan for containment and clean-up shall include the following information:

(1) List of persons, including names, addresses, and telephone numbers to be notified in the event of a spill at the facility;

(2) Provisions for quick control of an oil spill, including personnel, location, and procedures necessary to obtain equipment available for the containment and removal of a spill;

(3) Communications facilities available for use in control and clean-up operations;

(4) List of qualified contractors, equipment, and facilities available for oil spill clean-up operations; and

(5) Additional information which the Administration deems necessary.

C. An application for a permit shall be submitted on an approved form at least 60 days before the date of intended operation.