.06 Oil Transfer License.

A. A person shall obtain a license to transfer oil in the State.

B. A license shall be obtained by completing an application form provided by the Administration.

C. The required license fee shall be as determined by Environment Article, §4-411(c), Annotated Code of Maryland, and shall be paid monthly. The fee shall be paid not later than the last day of each month or postmarked 2 days before the end of each month for the number of barrels transferred the preceding month.

D. The number of barrels of oil transferred by the licensee shall be reported on forms provided by the Administration.

E. Shipment of oil in containers of less than 100 gallons capacity and of any liquid hydrocarbons not listed in §F of this regulation is exempt from the license fee.

F. The following oil products are subject to the transfer license fee:

(1) Gasoline;

(2) Gasohol;

(3) Kerosene;

(4) Diesel fuel;

(5) Aviation fuels;

(6) Nos. 2, 4, 5, and 6 oil;

(7) Crude oil;

(8) Asphalts (liquid);

(9) Hydraulic oils; and

(10) Lubricating oils.