.02 Applicability.

A. The requirements of this chapter apply to the owner or operator of a CO2 budget unit. When this chapter establishes a requirement such as the submittal of a permit application, a report, a request for allowances or transfer of allowances, or general information, these actions shall be achieved through the CO2 authorized account representative on behalf of the owner or operator of the affected CO2 budget source or unit.

B. When this chapter states that an action is to be achieved by the authorized account representative of a CO2 budget unit or source, the action may be achieved by the alternate authorized account representative, or the delegated representative, on behalf of the owner or operator of the CO2 budget unit or source.

C. The requirements of this subtitle are effective on January 1, 2009 or, for new CO2 budget units, on the day on which the unit commences operation.

D. The provisions of this subtitle do not exempt or otherwise relieve the owners or operators of a CO2 budget source from achieving compliance with any other provision of applicable State and federal laws and regulations.

E. Unless otherwise stated under this subtitle, any time period scheduled to begin:

(1) On the occurrence of an act or event, begins on the day the act or event occurs; and

(2) Before the occurrence of an act or event, is computed so that the period ends the day before the act or event occurs.

F. Unless otherwise stated, if the final day of any time period for performing an act required by this subtitle falls on a weekend or on a State or federal holiday, the time period is extended until or to the next business day.