.13 Enforcement.

A. If a BMP is not performing in conformance with its certification the Department may order:

(1) Repairs or other remedies to address or eliminate any deficiencies, within a time period determined by the Department;

(2) Additional inspections; and

(3) Written substantiations that corrective measures have been taken.

B. The Department may suspend or revoke certification of a credit if:

(1) There are any violations of this chapter;

(2) A BMP is not performing in conformance with its certification;

(3) The Department determines that misleading, false, or fraudulent information was provided in the application for certification of such credit or any other submission related to such credit; or

(4) Any other action or inaction by a credit seller or credit buyer that the Department determines provides good cause to suspend or revoke such certification.

C. Within 30 days of a determination to suspend or revoke a certification, the Department shall:

(1) Issue a notice of the suspension or revocation of credit certification, including an effective date thereof, to the credit seller and the credit buyer; and

(2) Update the Registry to reflect the suspension or revocation.

D. A corrective action order does not preclude the Department from exercising its enforcement authority. Suspension or revocation of credit certification does not preclude any other legal action that may be taken by the Department or another public or private entity.