.11 Verification and Reporting Requirements.

A. In its certification of a credit, the Department shall state the frequency at which the credits shall be verified, which shall be in accordance with local, State, and federal law and permit requirements, but shall be no less frequently than every three years.

B. Verification Requirements.

(1) Verification of credits generated by a wastewater point source shall include a report submitted to the Department annually for approval which includes certified discharge monitoring reports, appropriate annual reports, inspections, and any other reporting terms specified within the wastewater point source permit or required by the Department.

(2) Verification of credits generated by any other source shall be performed by a:

(a) State or county inspector;

(b) Professional engineer registered in Maryland; or

(c) Department-approved verifier.

(3) Before performing any verification under §B(2) of this regulation, the inspector, engineer, or verifier shall demonstrate to the Department that the inspector, engineer, or verifier:

(a) Has the appropriate education, expertise, and training to perform the verification;

(b) Does not hold an interest in the operation or entity generating the credit; and

(c) Was not involved in the original application or qualification of the credits.

C. Each report prepared by an inspector, engineer, or verifier in accordance with §B(2) of this regulation shall include:

(1) Documentation that the BMP implemented continues to meet baseline compliance and that the credit generating BMP continues to be operated and maintained in accordance with the terms of the trading contract and the requirements of this chapter; and

(2) Confirmation that no deficiencies exist and no corrective measures are needed or a detailed description of deficiencies and required corrective actions.

D. Based on the information obtained in the verification reports, the Department shall update the Registry as necessary.