.09 Usage of Credits by Point Sources.

A. In order to use traded credits to fulfill permit requirements, a credit buyer shall select credits that meet the limitations in this chapter, including limitations relating to credit lifespan, trading, trading regions, and local water quality standards and requirements.

B. The use of a credit shall be consistent with the credit’s certification.

C. The Department shall prorate the amount of certified credits generated from any BMP for use in the year the credits are certified, while the total amount of certified credits generated from any BMP are not valid for use until the following year starting January 1.

D. Credits may not be used for the purpose of complying with technology-based effluent limitations.

E. The use of certified credits by a point source shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the permit to which the certified credits apply.

F. Permits may contain conditions on the use of certified credits, including:

(1) The extent to which the requirement of the permit may be satisfied with certified credits; and

(2) When, and from what source, certified credits may be acquired by the permittee.