.17 Certification Refusal, Revoked Certification, and Provisional Certification.

A. A certification may be downgraded to provisional certification or revoked by the Department following an opportunity for a hearing before the Secretary or a designated hearing officer, pursuant to COMAR 26.01.02.

B. Written notification will be issued to the water quality laboratory or person, or persons, responsible for its operation, specifying one or more reasons for refusal, downgrade to a provisional certification, or revocation.

C. If certification is downgraded to provisional certification, full certification is withdrawn until the cause for noncompliance with this chapter has been removed or addressed.

D. A provisional certification status continuing for more than 90 days without correction may be followed by revocation.

E. After revocation of its certification, the water quality laboratory may be recertified upon presentation to the Department of reasonable evidence of capability to comply with this chapter.