.06 Application for Certification.

A. An application is required for:

(1) Certification for microbiology, chemistry, or radiochemistry; or

(2) Renewal of certification.

B. An application for water quality laboratory certification shall be submitted to the Department on a form provided by the Department, and shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

(1) Name, address, and valid phone number of the water quality laboratory;

(2) Name of the water quality laboratory owner or director;

(3) A listing of the tests for which certification is requested;

(4) Description of facilities, equipment, and methodology;

(5) The name, education, experience, and training of the water quality laboratory supervisor;

(6) The name, education, experience, and training of all water quality laboratory analysts;

(7) The approximate number of tests by category performed annually by the water quality laboratory;

(8) The laboratory’s Quality Assurance Manual;

(9) Valid Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) as required by Environment Article, §1-203, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(10) A copy of the valid and current water quality laboratory certification that has been issued by any other state or by NELAP, as applicable;

(11) Proficiency test results for each certified parameter and approved test method; and

(12) Fees, if applicable.

C. The laboratory owner, director, or quality assurance officer shall complete fully and sign the application.