.04 Certification for a Water Quality Laboratory.

A. A water quality laboratory shall obtain a certification from the Department before the water quality laboratory may analyze compliance samples in this State.

B. The Department shall certify a water quality laboratory that meets the requirements of this chapter and Environment Article, Title 9, Subtitle 10, Annotated Code of Maryland.

C. Laboratory Certificate.

(1) The Department shall identify in the certificate the parameters and test methods for which the water quality laboratory is certified.

(2) The water quality laboratory shall conspicuously display its certificate in a location visible to the public at the laboratory.

(3) The Department may approve, deny, or classify as provisional parameters and test methods requested for certification by the water quality laboratory.

D. Water quality laboratories shall obtain a USEPA identification number from the Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water Technical Support Center.

E. A laboratory shall analyze a minimum of one drinking water compliance sample per year to be eligible for certification or recertification as a water quality laboratory.

F. Certificates are nontransferable between water quality laboratories, laboratory locations, or water quality laboratory supervisors.

G. Only a water quality laboratory certified pursuant to these regulations may be called a certified water quality laboratory, and a water quality laboratory may not represent to the public by title, description of services, methods or procedure, or otherwise make any statement, written or oral, intended or likely to mislead the public with respect to its certification status.

H. The Department may not approve the initial certification for a parameter or test method for an in-State laboratory until the Department has inspected the laboratory. An on-site evaluation will be performed in accordance with Regulation .08 of this chapter.