.01 Discharge Permits Required.

A. Issuance of Discharge Permits. The Department shall issue State discharge permits or NPDES permits in accordance with provisions and conditions of COMAR 26.08.01—26.08.04 and 26.08.08, to satisfy the regulatory requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), established under the Federal Act.

B. Activities for Which Discharge Permits Are Required. A person may not commit any of the following acts except as authorized by a discharge permit issued by the Department:

(1) Except as provided in COMAR and Regulation .08 of this chapter, discharge into the waters of this State any waste or wastewater regardless of volume.

(2) Construct, install, modify, extend, alter, or operate any system for the disposal of waste or wastewater into the waters of the State, or a system which may result in a discharge into these waters, regardless of quality or volume, with the exception of storm water runoff that is not regulated under the Federal Act.

(3) Increase or otherwise modify in volume, temperature, or concentration, any existing waste or wastewater in excess of the discharges authorized by any existing discharge permit. To the extent that the modification is in excess of limits specified in a discharge permit, the permittee shall report the change to the Department within 1 week of the commencement of the modification. This report shall include information on what, how, and why modifications were made and whether they will be temporary or permanent.

(4) Construct, install, or operate any industrial, commercial, or other establishment or any extension or modification or addition to them, including the construction or use of any new discharge outlet, the construction, installation, or operation of which would cause an increase in the discharge of waste or wastewater into the waters of the State or otherwise alter the physical, chemical, or biological properties of any waters of the State in any manner not lawfully authorized.