.13 Training.

A. Training Requirements for Certification Renewal. In order to be eligible for certification renewal, operators and superintendents shall demonstrate completion of the training requirements set out in Table 8 of Regulation .16 of this chapter.

B. Except as provided in §C of this regulation, training used to renew a certificate under Regulation .12 of this chapter shall be completed during the 3-year period that precedes the expiration date of the certificate.

C. Training used to renew a certificate late may be taken either during the 3-year period that preceded the expiration date of the certificate or during the late renewal period.

D. Training Approval. The Board, in conjunction with the Department and based on a review of the recommendations of the Training, Review, and Evaluation Committee, if applicable, will approve courses for purposes of satisfying the training requirements in §A, based on the following factors:

(1) Course objectives;

(2) Course outline;

(3) Training material;

(4) Instructor credentials; and

(5) Student evaluation methods and criteria.

E. Type of Training. Any of the following types of training may be approved:

(1) Academic courses;

(2) On-the-job training;

(3) Home-study courses;

(4) Laboratory practice;

(5) Technical part of operator or superintendent meetings; and

(6) Providing instructions.

F. Assignment of Units for Approved Training.

(1) The Board in conjunction with the Department will assign one training unit to approved training courses for each hour of instruction.

(2) Instructors shall earn units at the rate of 1.5 times for each hour of instruction given.

G. Training Used for Certification Renewal.

(1) Training that is to be used to satisfy the requirements for certificate renewal must have been approved by the Board for the class of certificate that is to be renewed.

(2) A certificate holder may not use the units from an approved training course more than once per renewal period to satisfy the requirements for certification renewal.

(3) If the Board has approved a training course for both operators and superintendents, a certificate holder may apply the units from that course toward the renewal of either an operator or a superintendent certificate renewal, but not both.

(4) Process related training means a class or training event where at least 50 percent of the material presented concerns the processes listed in Tables 1, 2, and 3 of Regulation .16 of this chapter.

H. The Board may direct operators or superintendents to participate in specific training as determined necessary.