.11 Reciprocity.

A. General. The Board may grant operator certification to out-of-State applicants without examination, if the applicant:

(1) Submits an application that provides evidence of educational and experience qualifications which satisfies Regulations .04 and .16 of this chapter;

(2) Possesses a valid certificate from the Association of Boards of Certification, or from another state which administers examinations that are substantially equivalent to the examinations in Maryland;

(3) Is employed or awaiting specific employment pending certification in Maryland;

(4) Pays an application fee as specified in Regulation .07 of this chapter; and

(5) Upon approval of the application for reciprocity, pays a certification fee as specified by Regulation .07 of this chapter.

B. Procedure.

(1) Operators. Applicants for operator certification by reciprocity shall submit information in writing on forms provided by the Board. The application shall be verified by the present employer in Maryland and accompanied by proof of requirements set out in Regulations .04 and .16 of this chapter.

(2) Superintendents. Superintendent certification may not be granted by way of reciprocity. Upon certification as an operator by reciprocity, persons shall follow superintendent certification requirements set out in these regulations.