.10 Examination for Certification.

A. The Board shall permit an applicant to take the examination for certification only after the Board has determined that the applicant has:

(1) Any type of valid certification as set forth in Regulation .06 of this chapter; or

(2) Submitted an application to renew a temporary certificate late.

B. Scope of Examinations. Examinations shall be based on the need-to-know criteria for each specific classification determined by the Board.

C. Passing Score for Examinations. The passing score for examinations is a minimum of 69.5 percent.

D. Schedule and Frequency of Examinations. Examinations shall be held at least twice yearly. Exact dates, times, and locations of the examinations shall be set by the Board.

E. Notification. Each applicant approved for an examination by the Board shall be:

(1) Notified in writing at least 14 days before the examination of the time and place of the examination; and

(2) Required to show some form of positive identification before taking the examination.

F. If the exam is passed, a certificate may not be issued until all requirements are met as set out in Regulations .06 and .09 of this chapter.