.02 Board Organization.

A. Function. The Board, in accordance with these regulations, shall:

(1) Review and approve all applications for certification and certification renewal;

(2) Interview applicants for certification in specific cases, when referred by the secretary of the Board;

(3) Prepare and give examinations to qualified applicants for certification;

(4) Hear appeals concerning certification requirements;

(5) Determine the subject, scope, form, and passing score for examinations;

(6) Investigate all reports of fraud or deception in the obtaining or use of a certificate issued by the Board;

(7) Investigate all reports of unsatisfactory performance in the operation or supervision of a waterworks, wastewater works, or industrial wastewater works;

(8) Take disciplinary action, including the reprimand of a certificate holder or suspension or revocation of a certificate; and

(9) Recommend regulations for promulgation by the Secretary.

B. Meetings. The Board shall meet at least annually, at the times and places that it determines.

C. Communication with the Board. All communications with the Board shall be directed to the secretary of the Board of Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators, 1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland 21230.

D. Payment of Fee. All fees shall be directed to the Maryland Department of the Environment, Board of Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators, as specified by the Board.