.29 Well Completion Reports.

A. The permittee is responsible for submitting, on a form provided by the Approving Authority, a well completion report.

B. Submission.

(1) The well completion report shall be submitted to the Approving Authority by the premittee not later than 45 days after construction or deepening of the well has been completed or after construction activity on an unsuccessful well, or dry hole, has been terminated.

(2) Well construction activity shall be considered complete for the purpose of this regulation when the permittee:

(a) Does not install the pump and the well is grouted; or

(b) Installs the pump before expiration of the permit and the well is ready for use.

C. Information Required.

(1) The permittee shall provide all information required in the well completion report form in accordance with Environment Article, §9-1308, Annotated Code of Maryland.

(2) For a well cluster, a drawing of the well locations shall be submitted with the well completion report for each well.

(3) If geophysical logs were generated, then the driller shall submit two copies of the log.