.28 Hydrofracture of Wells.

A. The Approving Authority shall be notified at least 2 business days in advance of commencing hydrofracturing work on an existing well.

B. Hydrofracturing may not be conducted on any well not constructed according to the requirements of this chapter without approval from the Approving Authority.

C. Hydrofracturing may not be conducted in Hydrogeologic Area 5 without written permission from the Approving Authority.

D. Hydrofracturing may be performed only by qualified professionals who possess a Maryland well driller's license or who are working as a subcontractor and under the direct supervision of a licensed Maryland well driller.

E. Hydrofracturing a well within 100 feet of another water supply well requires written approval of the Approving Authority.

F. The well to be hydrofractured shall be at least 50 feet from any other potable water supply well.

G. Hydrofracturing a water supply well or test well within 500 feet of a landfill or area of known ground water contamination requires the Approving Authority's written approval.

H. The well to be hydrofractured shall be at least 100 feet from any potential source of contamination.

I. Water used for hydrofracturing shall:

(1) Meet the requirements of Regulation .16B(3)(a) and(b) of this chapter; or

(2) Be from a source approved by the Approving Authority.

J. New well construction may require deepening to meet the minimum system yield requirements of Regulation .26J of this chapter if there is a drop in static water level as a result of hydrofracturing.

K. After hydrofracture, the total volume of water introduced into the well shall be removed prior to conducting test for yield in accordance with the procedures outlined in Regulation .26G of this chapter.

L. Hydrofracture of Well Report.

(1) The well driller shall file a Hydrofracture of Well Report to the Approving Authority within 45 days after hydrofracturing the well.

(2) Yield test data shall be submitted with the Hydrofracture of Well Report for both new wells and existing wells.