.25 Maintenance and Repair.

A. All material used in the maintenance, replacement, or repair of any well shall meet the requirements for new installation.

B. Broken, punctured, or otherwise defective or unserviceable casing, screens, fixtures, seals, or any part of the wellhead shall be repaired and replaced, or the well shall be properly abandoned and sealed.

C. Any work performed on a water supply well with a well cap not meeting the standards of this chapter, shall also include the installation of a well cap meeting the standards of this chapter.

D. Extension of the well casing for an above-grade terminal shall be completed in the following manner:

(1) Install a pitless unit;

(2) If plastic casing is existing, then solvent weld additional plastic casing;

(3) If metal casing is existing, then thread or weld additional metal casing;

(4) A mechanical compression coupling; or

(5) Install a pipe coupling that is approved by the Approving Authority.