.11 Permits for Reworked and Deepened Wells.

A. A well construction permit is not required if an existing well requires only reworking or repairing, and not deepening.

B. If reworking the well includes hydrofracturing, the well driller shall submit a Hydrofracture of Well Report within 45 days after completion of the work as required in Regulation .28 of this chapter.

C. If an existing well requires deepening, and the well identification number is verifiable by means of the well identification tag or prior permit, a well construction permit is not required except in areas of known water quality problems, however, upon completion, the well driller shall submit to the Approving Authority the well identification number and an updated completion report in accordance with the regulations of this chapter.

D. If a well requires deepening and the well driller cannot provide the well identification number, the well driller shall apply for a well construction permit.

E. If a well which is governed by a water appropriation and use permit requires deepening permission must be obtained from the Department.