.10 Permittee's Responsibilities.

A. The master well driller to whom a well construction permit is issued is responsible for construction of the well in accordance with the permit and applicable laws and regulations.

B. All other persons working on a well or potable water supply system, including but not limited to a pump installer, a water-conditioner installer, an electrician, or a master plumber, also shall be responsible for their phase of the work and its conformance to applicable laws and regulations.

C. Only the permittee, or his licensed employee or licensed agent, is authorized to construct the well.

D. The permittee, or his licensed employee or licensed agent, shall be present on-site to supervise the work of constructing a well.

E. Permit information shall be available on-site during construction of the well and made available upon request to the Approving Authority.

F. The permittee, upon completion of the well, shall prepare, sign, and submit to the Approving Authority a legible well completion report. The requirements for well completion reports are set forth in Regulation .29 of this chapter.