.05 Issuance of Well Construction Permits.

A. A well may not be constructed until the Approving Authority has issued a permit to drill the well, except as provided in Regulation .06 of this chapter.

B. The Approving Authority may issue a well construction permit only to a person licensed by the State Board of Well Drillers as a master well driller.

C. Except as provided in Regulation .06 of this chapter, the Approving Authority may issue a well construction permit after receipt and review of a completed application submitted in accordance with this chapter.

D. The Approving Authority may impose special conditions on the permit that are necessary to protect the public health and environment.

E. The Approving Authority shall issue a separate permit for each well, except that the Approving Authority may permit a well cluster under one permit.

F. The permit, if necessary, authorizes the construction of a temporary well to supply drilling water for construction of the permitted well. The temporary well shall be sealed within 48 hours of completion of construction of the permitted well, in accordance with this chapter.

G. Written Permit and Well Identification Tag.

(1) Issuance of a well construction permit shall consist of a written permit and a durable well identification tag.

(2) Written Permit.

(a) The permit shall state pertinent information and requirements applicable to the approved well.

(b) A permit shall be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issuance by the Approving Authority.

(c) Upon written request by the well driller, a permit may be extended in 6-month increments by the Approving Authority.

(3) Well Identification Tag.

(a) The well driller, immediately after grouting the well, shall permanently attach to the well the identification tag furnished by the Approving Authority.

(b) The identification tag shall be permanently fastened to the well casing above the finished grade by means of a stainless steel band.

(c) For wells where a pitless adapter or pitless unit is not used, the identification tag shall be permanently attached or fastened to a concrete base where this base completely surrounds the casing.

(d) For closed loop geothermal wells, the well identification tag shall be supplied to the owner.

(e) If the identification tag is removed from the well during later work on the well, it shall be replaced in the proper position and manner by the person who removes it.