.33 Direct and Indirect Additives.

A. For purposes of this regulation, "products" means any:

(1) Chemical or substance added to a public water supply;

(2) Materials used in the manufacture of public water supply components or appurtenances; or

(3) Pipe, storage tank, valve, fixture, or other materials which come in contact with water intended for use in public water supply.

B. Suppliers of water to the community water systems shall receive approval from the Approving Authority before application of coatings and coatings systems to water storage facilities or other water contact surfaces. Suppliers of water shall also submit the analytical results of water that have been collected from newly coated tanks and obtain approval from the Approving Authority before placing these tanks in service.

C. Suppliers of water shall use only products, as defined in §A of this regulation, in a public water supply that are acceptable to the Approving Authority. The Approving Authority shall consider the following when determining which products are acceptable for use in a public water supply:

(1) If the product meets the applicable American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards for direct or indirect drinking water additives; or

(2) If the product is certified by an organization having a third-party certification program accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to meet criteria that are at least as stringent as those in §C(1) of this regulation.