.15-4 Reporting and Public Notification for Certain Unregulated Contaminants.

A. The requirements of this regulation apply only to the contaminants referred to in Regulation .15-3 of this chapter.

B. The owner or operator of a community water system or nontransient noncommunity water system who is required to monitor under Regulation .15-3 of this chapter shall send a copy of the results of the monitoring within 30 days of receipt and any public notice under §C of this regulation to the Approving Authority.

C. The owner or operator shall notify persons served by the system of the availability of the results of sampling conducted under Regulation .15-3 of this chapter by including this notice in the first set of water bills issued by the system after the receipt of the results, or by providing a written notice to the persons served by the system within 3 months after receipt of the results. The notice shall identify an individual and supply the telephone number to contact that individual for information on the monitoring results.