.09 Maximum Contaminant Levels for Radioactive Substances in Drinking Water.

A. The maximum containment levels for radioactive substances are applicable only to community water systems. The following are the MCLs for radioactive substances:

(1) Alpha particle radioactivity:

Contaminant Maximum Contaminant Level
(a) Combined radium-226 and radium-2281 5 pCi/l
(b) Gross alpha particle activity (including radium-226) 15 pCi/l
(c) Uranium 30 g/l2

1 The combined radium-226 and radium-228 value is determined by the addition of the results of the analysis for radium-226 and the analysis for radium-228.

2 The MCL for uranium is effective December 7, 2003 for all community water systems.

(2) Beta particle and photon radioactivity from man-made radionuclides:

(a) The average annual concentration for beta particle and photon radioactivity from man-made radionuclides in drinking water may not produce an annual dose-equivalent to the total body or any internal organ greater than 4 mrem/year;

(b) Compliance with this regulation shall be determined in accordance with 40 CFR §141.66(d).

B. Compliance Dates.

(1) Suppliers of water at community water systems shall comply with the MCLs in this regulation on December 8, 2003.

(2) Compliance with reporting requirements for the radionuclides under 40 CFR Part 141, Appendix A to Subpart O and 40 CFR Part 141, Appendices A and B to Subpart Q is required on December 8, 2003.

D. The Approving Authority has identified the treatment techniques appearing at 40 CFR §141.66, Table B as the best available technology for achieving compliance with the maximum contaminant levels for radioactive contaminants listed in this regulation.