.05 Design, Construction, and Modification of Public Water Supply Systems.

A. A construction permit shall be obtained from the Approving Authority before construction of a new public water system or before increasing the capacity of or substantially modifying an existing public water system. For new or expanded public water systems, plans shall be submitted to the Approving Authority according to COMAR 26.03.01.

B. To the extent practicable, location of part or all of the new or expanded facility shall be avoided at a site which:

(1) Is subject to earthquakes, floods, fires or man-made disasters which could cause breakdown of the public water system or a portion of it; and

(2) Is within the flood plain of a 100-year flood.

C. Applicants under this regulation shall comply with COMAR 26.08.01—.04.

D. A supplier of water using any device employed in the treatment of drinking water shall have the approval of the Approving Authority before installation of the treatment device.

E. Before a community water system makes any significant modifications to its existing treatment process for the purposes of achieving compliance with disinfection byproduct MCLs set forth in Regulation .07F(1) of this chapter, the system shall submit and obtain the approval of the Approving Authority of a detailed plan setting forth its proposed modification and those safeguards that it will implement to ensure that the bacteriological quality of the drinking water served by the system will not be adversely affected by the modification.

F. Any supplier of water deemed to have optimized corrosion control in accordance with 40 CFR 141.81(a) shall provide notice to and obtain approval from the Approving Authority before the addition of a new source or the implementation of a long-term change in treatment as set forth in Regulation .19G(1)(f)(ii) of this chapter.