.08 Financial Management of Public Sewerage Systems Required.

A. Each county water and sewerage plan ("county plan") may be approved only upon inclusion of a financial management plan which includes all publicly-owned community sewerage systems in the county.

B. Each financial management plan shall contain a:

(1) Countywide organizational narrative which includes a brief countywide description of the financial roles and relationships of all public entities involved with providing sewerage service within the county.

(2) Completed Schedule FS for each self-contained, publicly-owned community sewerage system. The content and format of Schedule FS will be specified by the Department. Each Schedule FS shall demonstrate that adequate fiscal resources are or will be available to support the satisfactory operation, maintenance, and repair of each system to meet existing and future needs.

C. Before issuance of a State permit for the construction of a new, proposed, self-contained, publicly-owned community sewerage system, the following requirements shall be satisfied:

(1) The financial management plan described in §§A and B of this regulation has been adopted as part of the county plan and approved by the Department; and

(2) The proposed system has been described through new narrative text and revised tables and maps in a county plan amendment or update adopted by the county governing body and approved by the Department.

D. Each county plan submitted after the effective date of these regulations, for fiscal purposes, shall treat each publicly-owned community sewerage system as a separate entity within the local operating agency budget.

E. Starting on the effective date of these regulations, each county plan update shall include the complete financial management plan specified in §§A and B, of this regulation. However, a county may not submit its initial financial management plan later than July 1, 1989, regardless of the due date of its next county plan update.

F. The instructions and definitions necessary for completing Schedule FS shall be sent to all county water and sewer plan contacts.

G. In addition to the completed Schedule FS, the Department, after review of subsequent county water and sewer plans, may require and the county shall provide the information listed below. This information shall be submitted only at the Department's request, and it should not be included as part of the county plan or Schedule FS:

(1) An inventory of the plant and equipment;

(2) Documentation that sewer service rates are sufficient to meet operation and maintenance costs;

(3) A description of the customer billing procedures;

(4) A description of the system's "bad debt" situation;

(5) A description of any construction project or plan for expansion anticipated during the next 2 years, as well as the anticipated method of financing the project;

(6) A description of the long-term plans for plant replacement or major renovation, as well as the anticipated method of financing the plans or projects;

(7) A discussion of escrow accounts, existing or contemplated, for construction, maintenance, repair, operation, and emergencies;

(8) The system's balance sheet as of the last day of the most recent fiscal year.