.07 Compliance with Maryland Water Conservation Plumbing Fixtures Act (MWCPFA).

A. Each county water and sewerage plan shall contain documentation that compliance with the MWCPFA, as codified in Article 56, §445, Annotated Code of Maryland, is being achieved.

B. The documentation in §A of this regulation shall include:

(1) Designation of the county agency responsible for the enforcement of MWCPFA;

(2) A summary of county programs to assure implementation of and compliance with MWCPFA, including a description of:

(a) A procedure which assures compliance with MWCPFA before the issuance of a certificate of occupancy;

(b) Local actions taken to assure compliance with the prohibition of the sale of non-water-conserving plumbing fixtures;

(c) The local procedures used to ensure that agreements between a developer and a builder to assure compliance with MWCPFA are made part of the record plat process or a part of a county building, plumbing, or occupancy permit, or bill of sale.

C. If the county is not currently complying with the MWCPFA, then the county water and sewerage plan shall include a description of proposed changes to the local program which the county intends to implement to achieve compliance with MWCPFA.