.03 Submission of County Plans.

A. The governing body of each county and Baltimore City shall develop and submit annual amendments or revisions to the county water and sewerage plan as required by Environment Article, §9-511—9-513, Annotated Code of Maryland. The steps listed below shall be followed in sequence:

(1) Submit the plan in preliminary form, with all attachments, to the appropriate multi-county or regional comprehensive planning agency, the Department of State Planning, the Department of Natural Resources, and the Department of the Environment. The preliminary form shall be a rough draft of the entire plan and shall include maps in a complete presentation.

(2) Receive and consider comments from the Department, which will act as the coordinator for comments from the agencies sent a preliminary plan for review according to §A(1), of this regulation.

(3) A public hearing will be held.

(4) The plan shall then be formally adopted.

(5) After adoption, the plan will be prepared in final format as set forth in Regulation .04 of this chapter.

(6) Four copies of the plan will be submitted in final form to the Department for review. One copy shall be forwarded to the Department of Natural Resources and one to the Department of State Planning.

(7) The Department shall, within 6 months after submission, approve, disapprove, or approve in part the finally submitted county plan, its amendments or revisions. When disapproved in whole or part, the governing body of the county, within 6 months from the notification of disapproval, shall have the right to appeal the action of the Department to the Secretary of the Environment.

(8) Following receipt of notification of approval of the county plan, amendments, or revisions, the county shall then have the plan, amendments or revisions reproduced and distributed in accordance with §B, of this regulation.

B. The counties and Baltimore City shall be the distributing agencies for all copies of the county plans or revisions. At least 50 copies of each should be printed to meet the required distribution. Copies are to be automatically distributed to the following agencies:

(1) Four copies to the Department of the Environment;

(2) Four copies to the Department of Natural Resources.