.11 Eligible Expenditures.

The following expenditures may be eligible for State funding:

A. New construction, as follows:

(1) Construction of a new school facility, that is, work necessary to construct a new school facility, including building and site development;

(2) Additions to an existing facility, that is, work necessary to increase space at an existing school facility, including:

(a) Building and site development; and

(b) Work to physically integrate the addition into the existing school;

(3) Replacement of a building or building portion, that is, work necessary to reconstruct a school facility that cannot be economically repaired or renovated, including building and site development; and

(4) Modular construction, that is, factory-fabricated structures that have the same quality systems and materials as used for permanent school construction and that meet the standards of the COMAR 05.02.04;

B. Renovation or limited renovation, that is, work necessary to restore and modernize an existing school facility or a portion of a facility that is 16 years old or older;

C. Systemic renovations as set forth in Regulation .15 of this chapter;

D. State-owned relocatable facilities as set forth in Regulation .16 of this chapter;

E. Temporary facilities, including utilities and relocatable facilities, that are necessary on-site during construction of a State-funded project;

F. Built-in equipment and furnishings as defined by the IAC;

G. Off-site development costs required by local, State, or federal agencies;

H. Emergency repairs as set forth in Regulation .17 of this chapter;

I. Window air-conditioning units, and associated electrical upgrades, installation, and security in schools where more than half of classrooms are not temperature-controlled.

(1) Notwithstanding any other regulation, the IAC may not recommend to subtract funding from the maximum State construction allocation for future renovation projects based on funding of air-conditioning units under this regulation;

(2) An LEA receiving funding for air-conditioning units shall annually certify that the units are being maintained on an ongoing basis and are operable; and

J. E-rate eligible special construction broadband infrastructure projects, including offsite development costs, for E-rate eligible applicants consistent with 47 C.F.R. 54.505, through the State funding of grants to local boards of education.