.18 License Suspension or Revocation.

A. The Board or its designee may suspend or permanently revoke a license when the action is considered to be in the State’s interest, after consulting with the Administrator and the Department.

B. Grounds for suspension or revocation include:

(1) Violation of:

(a) Environment Article, Title 16, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(b) COMAR 26.24; or

(c) This chapter;

(2) Failure of a licensee to comply with the requirements of an administrative action or order of the Department issued under COMAR 26.24 or 26.08.02, when appropriate;

(3) Failure of a licensee to pay compensation imposed in accordance with Regulation .12 of this chapter;

(4) Violation of the license;

(5) Misrepresentation in the application or failure to disclose a relevant and material fact;

(6) Substantial deviation from the plans, specifications, or terms and conditions of a license;

(7) Failure of the licensee to permit a representative of the Department to enter the site to make reasonable inspection at a reasonable hour; or

(8) Circumstances when the licensee’s rights under a license have not vested and receipt of new information, changed site conditions, or amended regulatory requirements necessitate suspension or revocation.