.14 License Expiration.

A. Duration.

(1) A general license issued by the Department expires after 3 years, unless extended under Regulation .15 of this chapter.

(2) An individual license expires after 3 years unless:

(a) The Board authorizes a longer initial period for an individual license; or

(b) The license is extended under Regulation .15 of this chapter.

(3) Licenses authorizing periodic maintenance dredging are valid for a maximum period of 6 years.

(4) An emergency license has a period not to exceed the amount of time necessary to abate or mitigate the emergency.

B. Expiration. When the license expires, the licensee:

(1) Shall stop any incomplete activities authorized under the license; and

(2) Except for dredging or maintenance dredging, may continue use or structural occupation on State lands and waters, if all conditions of the license are met.