.13 Individual License Issuance.

A. Upon the Boardís favorable action, the Administrator shall:

(1) Prepare the individual license in accordance with the Boardís action;

(2) Transmit the license to the applicant for signature; and

(3) Advise the applicant in writing to sign and return the license to the Administrator, indicating acceptance of the terms and conditions.

B. If an applicant fails within 90 days of transmittal to sign and return an individual license to the Administrator, the Administrator shall notify the applicant in writing that the license is void.

C. Upon receipt of the signed original license, the Administrator shall sign and promptly transmit a copy of the fully signed license to the licensee and the Department.

D. The license is effective when fully signed.

E. Once issued, the license may be modified, suspended, or revoked by the Board in accordance with Regulations .15, .16, and .18 of this chapter.

F. Except for dredging or maintenance dredging, a license authorizes continuing use or structural occupation on State lands and waters if all conditions of the license are met.