.02 Scope.

A. This chapter sets forth the procedures of the Board of Public Works for the licensing of all dredging, filling, or altering of State tidal wetlands. This includes the construction, reconstruction, or repair of structures, or of nonstructural shoreline stabilization measures, on State tidal wetlands.

B. A license issued under this chapter does not convey ownership of lands or the affected air space, or diminish the full and free use and enjoyment by the public of the tidal waters of the State.

C. This chapter does not change the title to submerged lands conveyed to private owners by the State or its predecessors.

D. This chapter does not set forth the complete range of Board of Public Works’ fiduciary and proprietary responsibilities relating to private uses of State wetlands. The Board of Public Works may, among other things, address these matters through easement, lease, deed, or other instrument to protect the State’s interests or to convey an interest in State wetlands.