.04 Contractor and Subcontractor Notification to Subcontractors.

A. Contractors and subcontractors who hire subcontractors performing work valued at $100,000 or more on a public work contract subject to the Maryland Prevailing Wage Law shall provide the subcontractors with written notice of the following requirements:

(1) Subcontractors shall complete the registration process at the Division of Labor and Industryís website at https://www.dllr.state.md.us/prevwage;

(2) Prior to the commencement of work, a subcontractor shall log onto the Departmentís website and complete the required project log information including:

(a) The prevailing wage project number;

(b) Contract value;

(c) Identification of all subcontractors to perform work on the project and subcontract value amount;

(d) Designation of the program or Fund where the subcontractor will make contributions; and

(e) Any other information that the Commissioner requires.

(3) Subcontractors performing work on a prevailing wage project valued at $100,000 or more are required to make payments to approved apprenticeship programs or to the Fund for each employee employed in classifications listed on the prevailing wage determination.

B. Contractors and subcontractors shall retain a copy of the written notice required in §A of this regulation that was provided to covered subcontractors for inspection and review by the Commissioner for 3 years after the completion of their work on a public work project.