.04 Public Notice.

A. Distribution. Invitations for bids or notices of the availability of invitations for bids shall be mailed or otherwise furnished to a sufficient number of bidders for the purpose of securing competition. Notices of availability shall indicate where, when, and for how long invitations for bids may be obtained, generally describe the supply, service, or construction desired, and may contain other appropriate information. A fee or deposit may be charged for the invitation for bids documents.

B. Publication. Notice of an invitation for bids for which the bid amount is reasonably expected to exceed $50,000 shall be published in eMaryland Marketplace unless the resulting contract is reasonably expected to be performed entirely outside this State or the District of Columbia. Publication shall be at least 20 days before the bid submission date. Publication of notice less than 20 days before bid submission is defective unless notice of the project is not required by State law.