.17 Equipment.

A. Physical Condition. All aircraft and all equipment used in connection with the aircraft shall be maintained in proper physical condition to render safe and comfortable service, and shall be kept clean and sanitary.

B. Reserve Equipment. Sufficient reserve aircraft and equipment shall be provided and maintained in readiness for immediate use to assure the regularity of the scheduled service.

C. Fire Extinguisher. An approved type of fire extinguisher shall be carried at all times in each aircraft while in service and shall be readily accessible and prepared for immediate use.

D. Inspection. Representatives of the Commission authorized to make inspections in the enforcement of these regulations, will be provided with appropriate badges for identification. They shall have the right to enter into all aircraft employed in the service for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not the regulations are being observed. Refusal to permit an inspection shall be sufficient cause for the revocation or suspension of the permit.

E. Maintenance. An adequate maintenance force of competent personnel shall be employed, whose duty it shall be to keep all aircraft and equipment in a constant state of airworthiness. Aircraft may not be operated unless at the time of use it is in airworthy condition and is loaded in conformity with the current loading schedule.