.10 Operators.

A. Qualification of Operation. A tank vehicle may not be driven by a person who:

(1) Is addicted to the use of narcotics or intoxicating liquor;

(2) Is not of good moral character;

(3) Is mentally deficient or physically defective to such an extent as to impair his ability to properly, conveniently, and efficiently operate the vehicle;

(4) Is not experienced in operating motor vehicles and fully competent to operate a tank vehicle; or

(5) Has not obtained an operator's or chauffeur's license, or both, as required by Maryland Law for drivers of motor vehicles.

B. Reckless or Unsafe Operation. An operator of a tank vehicle may not operate it recklessly, in an unsafe manner, or in disregard of the public general or local laws or municipal ordinances governing the operation of motor vehicles.