.09 Vehicles.

A. Identification of Vehicles. Every carrier operating one or more tank vehicles under permit of this Commission shall have its name or identification appear conspicuously upon the power unit of each vehicle. The permit number assigned by the Commission shall also appear prominently displayed upon each power unit. Tank vehicles transporting inflammable or combustible liquids having a flash point of 80 degrees or less shall be conspicuously or legibly marked FLAMMABLE on each side and the rear in letters at least 3 inches high on a background of sharply contrasting color.

B. Physical and Mechanical Condition.

(1) All tank vehicles operating under the Commission's permit shall at all times be kept in proper physical and mechanical condition to render safe, adequate, and convenient service. Failure to keep a tank vehicle in proper condition shall be sufficient ground for the revocation or suspension of the permit.

(2) The regulations of the Interstate Commerce Commission, insofar as they relate to tank vehicles transporting flammable commodities as described in the Public Utilities Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, and to the extent that they are not contrary to or inconsistent with these regulations, shall apply to all carriers receiving permits from the Commission.

C. Inspection. Representatives of the Commission shall have the right at any time, after first identifying themselves, to enter into or upon any tank vehicle for the purpose of inspection or ascertaining whether or not any of these regulations have been violated. Refusal to comply with these regulations shall be sufficient ground for the revocation or suspension of the permit.