.08 Permits.

A. Application for Permits. All original applications for permits shall be made upon forms provided by the Commission, and shall be signed by the applicant. At the time of making the application, the applicant shall be given a copy of these regulations and shall certify in his application that he agrees to comply with them.

B. Form of Permit. The permits shall be in such form as from time to time may be prescribed by the Commission, but in all instances shall contain the Commission's permit number, the name and address of the person or persons, association, or corporation to whom or to which issued. The grantee or grantees of a permit shall notify the Commission promptly of any change of address occurring after issuance of the permit.

C. Duration of Permits. Permits issued to authorized carriers on or after September 1st in any year shall remain in effect until the expiration date shown on them, unless suspended or revoked or otherwise cancelled. Applications for renewal of permits shall be made not less than 15 days before the expiration date shown on the permit to be renewed.

D. Revocation or Suspension of Permit.

(1) The violation of any of these regulations shall be sufficient cause for the revocation or suspension of a permit.

(2) If the grantee or grantees of a permit fail to keep the required insurance or bond in force, the Commission will summarily revoke the permits.

(3) The Commission may, in its discretion, suspend for a period not to exceed 6 months the permit of any carrier who is convicted of two or more violations of the conditions of the permit within a period of 1 year. Upon any conviction of three or more violations within a period of 1 year, the Commission may revoke the permit of the carrier and may not issue or reissue a permit to the carrier before the expiration of 1 year from the date of the revocation.

(4) Except as otherwise stated in these regulations, a permit may not be revoked or suspended until after an investigation and hearing held upon not less than 5 days' notice to the grantee or grantees of the permit. Notice of the hearing shall be in writing and shall be served upon the grantee, or upon one of the grantees if there is more than one, or upon the proper agent for service if the grantee is a corporation. The notice may be sent by mail to the address given in the application for permit, or to the changed address subsequently filed with the Commission. This mailing shall be as effective and binding as personal service. Whenever notice is given by mail, as provided in these regulations, the date of mailing shall be considered as the time when notice is served.