.07 Other Conditions and Obstructions Adjacent to Tracks.

A. Merchandise, material, or other articles may not knowingly be permitted to remain piled or assembled on the ground or on platforms adjacent to any track at a distance less than 8 feet 6 inches from the center line of track. On industrial tracks the responsibility for compliance with this regulation shall rest with the industry. A suitable line or other marker should be maintained at a distance of 8 feet 6 inches from the center line of track, on all platforms, excluding passenger platforms, to indicate the space along the edge of the platform which must be kept clear of merchandise, material, or other articles.

B. The space between tracks ordinarily used by train and yardmen and other employees as a walkway in the discharge of their duties and the space beside the tracks within 8 feet 6 inches of the center line of track shall be kept in a reasonably suitable condition for that purpose.