.24 Transportation Network Company Operator Vehicle.

A Transportation Network Operator Vehicle shall:

A. Have, or have applied for and not been denied, a permit from the Commission authorizing its operation;

B. Have a manufacturers rated seating capacity of no more than 8 passengers including the driver;

C. Not exceed more than 12 model years age, except as provided in Regulation .11A(6) of this chapter;

D. Comply with all required equipment and minimum safety standards as defined in Regulation .11 of this chapter;

E. Comply with all insurance requirements as defined in Public Utilities Article, §10-405, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

F. At all times while engaged on the TNC platform display on the vehicle’s rear passenger side window, a consistent and distinctive TNC identification, approved by the Commission, consisting of a logo, insignia, or emblem. The TNC identification shall be:

(1) Sufficiently large and color contrasted so as to be readable during daylight hours at a distance of at least 50 fee;

(2) Reflective or otherwise patently visible in darkness; and

(3) Displayed in a manner that complies with Maryland motor vehicle laws.

G. The TNC identification may take the form of a removable device.