.23 Transportation Network Company Operator Vehicle Permits.

A. An individual who wishes to operate as a Transportation Network Operator may apply for a vehicle permit through a TNC.

B. A TNC is authorized to file with the Commission an application for a vehicle permit.

C. The Commission shall issue a vehicle permit for a Transportation Network Operator Vehicle upon receipt and review of a complete application. An application will be deemed complete if it contains:

(1) A copy of the valid vehicle registration for the Transportation Network Operator Vehicle;

(2) A copy of a valid safety inspection certificate; and

(3) Proof that the vehicle complies with all insurance requirements set forth in Public Utilities Article, §10-405, Annotated Code of Maryland.

D. Once a TNC submits a completed application for a permit, the Commission shall render a decision on the application and issue or deny a permit within a reasonable period following the receipt of a completed application.

E. A Transportation Network Operator whose application is pending before the Commission is authorized to operate their Transportation Network Operator Vehicle on a provisional basis until the Commission renders a decision on the application.