.12 Operation of Motor Vehicle.

A. Driver. An owner or a Transportation Network Company shall ensure that:

(1) Only a properly licensed driver operates a motor vehicle used in the exercise of a permit;

(2) A driver of a motor vehicle operates the vehicle in a prudent and safe manner; and

(3) A driver of a motor vehicle adheres to all local, city, state, and federal laws and regulations.

(4) A driver of a motor vehicle is provided information and training about the requirements of laws governing non-discrimination and accessibility, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, to the extent applicable.

B. Carrying Capacity.

(1) The number of passengers transported by a motor vehicle may not exceed the number authorized by the vehicle list associated with a permit and on file with the Commission, and may not exceed the manufacturer’s rated seating capacity.

(2) A passenger may not stand in a motor vehicle, except in emergency situations.

C. Fatality Report. An owner, Transportation Network Operator, or Transportation Network Company shall report in writing, to the Commission, an accident involving a motor vehicle that results in a fatality.

D. Maintenance Record. A continuous maintenance record shall be kept for each motor vehicle in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations.