.06 Requirement of Permit.

A. A taxicab may not be operated in the City until a permit has been obtained from the Commission authorizing its operation. The permits will be issued by the Commission at any time during the year, and for such a length of time, not exceeding 1 year, as the Commission may deem best for the public welfare and convenience. Unless otherwise specified in any permit, the right to operate under the permit shall terminate on the 31st day of December next succeeding the date of issue. Permits are not transferrable without the consent of the Commission. A charge may not be made for the issuance of any permit.

B. The holder of a permit is required to operate the taxicab it identifies in such manner as to render maximum service to the public, in conformity with regulations of the commission, and the taxicab may not be used for any other purpose. A taxicab may not be kept idle while there is a demand for service.