.18 Operators.

A. Operator to Be Owner or Driver. A taxicab operating under a permit of the Public Service Commission may not be operated except by the owner or a driver responsible to the owner.

B. Identification of Operator.

(1) The operator of a taxicab shall be identified by a card displayed in full view of the passenger or passengers, bearing the operator's photograph and his name in letters of sufficient size to be easily read.

(2) Operators shall be clean and neatly dressed at all times while on duty.

C. Qualifications of Operator. A taxicab may not be driven by a person who has not been duly licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Public Service Commission or, where applicable, a county or local government.

D. Smoking Prohibited. Drivers may not smoke at any time in a taxicab.

E. Toll Charges. Toll charges shall be assessed only when a passenger elects to use a route where the toll charges occur.

F. Conduct.

(1) An operator shall display appropriate courtesy and consideration.

(2) An operator may not use profane or abusive conduct or language.

G. Operator of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

(1) All drivers shall be trained in their local disability-law-compliance responsibilities.

(2) All drivers of the wheelchair accessible vehicle shall be trained in the safe use and operation of that accessible vehicle.

(3) Drivers shall complete an accessibility training program satisfactory to the Public Service Commission, including boarding and deboarding protocols and disability awareness and etiquette.