.17 Operation of Taxicabs.

A. Number of Passengers. A taxicab may not carry more than the maximum number of passengers specified by the vehicle manufacturer. More than one person may not occupy the front seat area with the operator.

B. Group Riding.

(1) Cabs may be used to serve jointly from railroad stations or other public places of special assembly not more than four passengers who are bound for the same, or approximately the same, location, provided that a passenger who has engaged a cab may not be compelled to share the vehicle with others if unwilling to do so. Drivers may not refuse service in order to effect more profitable grouping.

(2) When a cab is occupied by more than one passenger bound for different destinations, each passenger or party, as the case may be, shall be charged the fare recorded on the meter at the time of arrival at his destination except that a party or individual passenger may not be charged more than the fare applicable at the established rates for transportation over the shortest and most direct route. Solicitation of others while en route to the destination of passengers or parties initially occupying the cab is prohibited.

C. Reckless or Unsafe Operation.

(1) The driver of a taxicab may not operate it recklessly, in an unsafe manner, or in disregard of the public general or local laws or municipal ordinances governing the operation of motor vehicles.

(2) Placards or other obstructions may not be attached to any windshield or windows in violation of Maryland law.