.12 Records and Reports.

A. Daily Records. Daily records, including a record of telephone calls, shall be kept by an operating company or association in such form as to facilitate the preparation of the reports required by the Public Service Commission and to insure their accuracy. These daily records shall be preserved and be available for examination by the Public Service Commission for a period of 1 year from the dates of filing of the annual reports.

B. Drivers' Manifests. The driver of each taxicab shall keep a paper or electronic manifest upon which the driver shall enter for each engagement, immediately upon its completion, the points of origin and destination, the times of beginning and completion of the job, the fare collected, and the number of passengers transported. All entries shall be made legibly, and the manifest shall be signed by the driver. The manifest form shall be approved by the Public Service Commission. Driversí manifests shall be preserved for a minimum of 1 year.

C. Reports. All taxicab owners shall file an annual report with the Public Service Commission showing the revenue and expenses for the year and the property owned, together with certain other information as set out on forms which will be supplied by the Public Service Commission. This report will be required for each calendar year and shall be filed with the Public Service Commission not later than April 30 following the year for which the report is made.

D. When a number of individual owners are banded together in an operating association, the individual records shall be kept by, and adequately supervised by, the association, and, in addition to the annual report required of each individual member, there shall be submitted by the association a consolidated report showing the result of the combined operations of all taxicabs operated under the name of the association. The provisions of this regulation may not relieve the owner of full responsibility for the accuracy of reports made by, or supervised by, the association.

E. All taxicab owners shall report in writing or electronically, to the Public Service Commission, any accident involving a taxicab that results in a fatality. The report may not be admissible as evidence, or used for any purpose against the company submitting it, in any action for damages arising out of any matter mentioned in the notice.